Following the pandemic we are now back open 5 nights a week, and able to offer a range of classes for all ages.

St Albans Judo Club has been providing over 70 years of service to judo & the community. The club is a thriving community of junior and senior members, parents, and volunteers who all come together to enjoy judo.

Expert tuition caters for all levels from beginner to black belt and beyond!

Interested in a Trial?

For U18s, our Trial weeks for the rest of this School Year are:
19th – 22nd April / 17th – 20th May / 14th – 17th June

Please note we organise our U18s classes by School Year rather than exact age.
Monkeys – Nursery & Reception – from Age 4 (There are no spaces for Monkeys until Sept 2022)
Dragons – Years 1-3 / Tigers – Years 4-6 / Wolves – Years 7-9 / Cranes – Years 10-13

If you are over 18, we can normally accommodate you on our Tuesday Senior Session straight away.

In the first instance, for all ages, please complete our short expression of interest form and we will get in touch with more details.

For more information & prices see the How to Join section.

Visitors welcome

See Class Timetable for available sessions.

PAYG Session passes for Visitors cost ยฃ5 and can be purchased from our club shop โ€“

Make sure you bring your current, in date, BJC, BJA or AJA licence with you

Session PAYG Passes are valid for one training session, they are not tied to a specific date and can be used up to 1 month after purchase. Please note we can not accept cash or card payments on the door.


We are proud to have met the requirements to be awarded the Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts.

For more information on this scheme:ย 

SAJC Hosts GB Olympian Nekoda Davis
Session video available

St. Albans Judo Club
St. Albans Judo Club2 weeks ago
๐Ÿ‘ Thank you and well done ๐Ÿ‘to everyone who took part in the Dragons ๐Ÿ‰ & Tigers ๐Ÿ… Training Day today.

First up this morning were the Dragons who did fitness fun & games and some Tachi-waza technical practice, followed by their Ne-waza Rumble. Everyone gave it their all, and in the end the Shield winner was โœจTillyโœจ with Tim taking Runner up.

Then, during the afternoon the Tigers did something similar, but all team based, with points awarded for their fitness games, followed by a mini team Shiai competition, which ran alongside the technical practice. Well done to the overall winners Team 3.
The Tigers also finished up with their Ne-waza Rumble. After some extremely hard bouts and a final down to the wire, โœจGeorgeโœจ was the eventual winner, with Henry taking the runner up spot.

It was fantastic event, with lots of really hard work from everyone, and a lot of fun to go along with it. I'm really proud of the effort you all put in! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Thanks to Bill for his help this afternoon, and to Sensei Kim who joined me all day on the mat to help make this a really successful session., and as always my gratitude to Jen, who does so, so much in the background to help make these events possible.

I had an absolutely brilliant day too, and am looking forward to running something similar with the Wolves & Cranes in the coming months. ๐Ÿ‘

Sensei Jad (and now to sleep ๐Ÿ˜ด)
St. Albans Judo Club
St. Albans Judo Club3 weeks ago
โญ Really well done to everyone who competed today. Excellent effort from everyone, in some really tough (and really big!) groups.

๐Ÿฅ‡ Gold for Ben H in only his 2nd Senior competition.
๐Ÿฅ‰ Bronze for Ryan in the Heavyweight Dan grade pool.

Great work, some wins, lots of learning opportunities and overall excellent fights across the board, but no medals today for Kristian, Judah, Adam & George.
St. Albans Judo Club
St. Albans Judo Club3 weeks ago
๐Ÿ€ Good luck ๐Ÿ€ to the SAJC team attending the BJC Nationals today!
St. Albans Judo Club
St. Albans Judo Club4 weeks ago
๐Ÿ‘‰ Anyone entering BJA events beyond 1st June 2022 needs to be aware of these upcoming changes to their contest rules to bring them in line with those used internationally.

Coaches will of course continue to make sure all applicable rules are covered during classes before each competition, particularly where there is significant variation between the BJA & BJC.
St. Albans Judo Club
St. Albans Judo Club4 weeks ago
Great Senior session last night, with 13 on the mat, from novice to 2nd Dan. Working hard on Tachi-waza to Ne-waza transitions. ๐Ÿ‘
Led by Adam, ably assisted by Steve.
St. Albans Judo Club
St. Albans Judo Club4 weeks ago
๐ŸŒŸCongratulations!๐ŸŒŸ to the 17 Club members who took part in the Chalfont Championships today.

Another brilliant day for the whole squad, with great judo, and excellent sportsmanship on display from everyone.

Winning or losing it's ALL learning, and we definitely all learnt things today - both what we do well & can keep developing, and what we can learn to do better.

I am really proud of all of you - the effort you've put in, and the progress I've seen since we got back after the pandemic has been fantastic.

The medal table:
๐Ÿฅ‡ George R, Kristian H, Samuel F, George H
๐Ÿฅˆ David M, Alex N, Annabelle N
๐Ÿฅ‰ Miles O, Jacob J, Ernest J, Adam O, Sam L, Harvey M, Ben M, Ben H, Ryan H
๐ŸŽ– Ellie M - Sadly withdrawn due to injury after a strong start.

Session Times

We have now opened up our Fighting Fit sessions again on Monday evening

Monday Night – Fighting Fitness SessionsNow Open!

Tigers & lower grade Wolves at 6:30pm – ALTERNATE WEEKS – Contact for information
(min grades: BJC Primary 1 Orange / BJA 3rd Mon)

Wolves & above (inc. Adults) at 7:45pm – EVERY WEEK – except Bank Holidays
(min grades: U11-14s – BJC 4th Kyu or BJA 7th Mon / 15+ & Adults 5th Kyu)

If you aren’t sure which session is right for you – contact for more information.

For further information please email

How to join

If you are new to judo, your first session is free!!

Simply contact us for advice on which of our sessions is right for you to come along and try. For your 2nd session, you need to sign up to one of our membership options:

For the Ginmedaru options, you can attend additional sessions at ยฃ4 per session.

You must also purchase a judo license from one of our two governing bodies.

Our governing bodies are:
British Judo Council and British Judo Association.

Membership of either of these two bodies gives you a licence to practise Judo and provides you with personal accident insurance.

Governing body membership typeCostClub membership purchase also required?
BJC provisional 3 month *ยฃ10Optional
BJC U18 – Annualยฃ28 (or ยฃ18 if upgrading from a provisional) and ยฃ24 to renewYes
BJA U18 – Annualยฃ31 and ยฃ28 to renewYes
BJC O18 – Annualยฃ34 (or ยฃ24 if upgrading from a provisional) and ยฃ30 to renewYes
BJA O18 – Annualยฃ42 and ยฃ39 to renewYes

There are other pricing options available for certain groups, please ask at the desk for more details.

* – Does not allow you to participate in gradings or competitions, but you can upgrade to the full membership at any time

If you are visiting from another club

Just bring your current BJA or BJC licence with you and pay a ยฃ5 session cost. To access reduced session costs you can choose to join SAJC.

PAYG Session passes for Visitors should be purchased in advance from our club shop –

Session PAYG Passes are valid for one training session, they are not tied to a specific date and can be used up to 1 month after purchase.

What to wear

For the first few classes you can wear tracksuit bottoms without zips/ buttons/ anything hard that could injure yourself or others when breakfalling. Girls should also wear a plain white T-shirt. These items may get pulled/ stretched so don’t wear anything you can’t afford to write off! Please use an elastic hair band to tie any long hair back (no metal hair clips are allowed).

We have spare judo jackets that you can use – just ask someone for help if you’re stuck. You’ll be expected to buy your own gi (judo outfit) if you decide to join. These are available at the club shop.


The club asks you to fill out a membership form on your first visit.

Club shop

The club shop carries a stock of judo clothing and accessories.

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01727 869007

Weekday evenings only. Please leave a message at other times.


The dojo address is:
St Albans Judo Club,
Batchwood Golf and Sports Centre,
Batchwood Drive,
St Albans,
AL3 5XA.

The Dojo is within “Batchwood Golf and Sports Centre”. There is a large sign for this facility off the road “Batchwood Drive”.

Please be aware that the Dojo is on a section of one-way narrow country road, don’t go along this the wrong way. If you have a satnav then the following coordinates will lead you to the correct entrance to the one-way road N51.764848, W0.344282

Parking is on the right just before you reach the Sports Centre. Please observe the parking signs/ notices.