COVID-19 UPDATE: Judo club will be closed until further notice.


Unfortunately due to the current national lockdown we have had to close our doors once again. We have resumed out Virtual Dojo sessions on Zoom, and will re-open the dojo once we are given the green light by the government & Judo governing bodies.

For more details of our Zoom sessions, our plans to return to the dojo, if you are a member and have missed emails, to go on the waiting list for sessions, or register your interest as a new member or if you haveany other questions during time please email

St Albans Judo Club has been providing 70 years of service to judo & the community. The club is a thriving community of junior and senior members, parents, and volunteers who all come together to enjoy judo.

Expert tuition caters for all levels from beginner to black belt and beyond!


We are proud to have met the requirements to be awarded the Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts.

For more information on this scheme:

SAJC Hosts GB Olympian Nekoda Davis
Session video available

St. Albans Judo Club
St. Albans Judo Club20 hours ago
Well done to all that took part in last night's Virtual Dojo, around 30 of you (possibly a couple more if we count the extras roped in for various parts).

We had a slightly different session this week - as there'd been some action on the World judo stage earlier in the day, the World Masters in Doha, we took the opportunity to watch GB Olympian Natalie Powell's Quarter Final contest & Ippon win, then broke into small (roughly grade based) groups to talk about the differences and similarities between contests for these top class athletes and our own experiences of randori & shiai at club and area level.
(For some of the youngest who've joined during lockdown, it was their first exposure to any contest judo at all).

Having identified the winning technique as one we have worked on a lot during our virtual & socially distanced sessions (O-uchi-gari), all were able to see that even the most basic movements we practice can be used at the highest levels.
So we practiced it some more 不

BTW - If you visit us in the dojo, you'll *never* see this lot as still or as quiet as they were for this part of the session!
St. Albans Judo Club
St. Albans Judo Club2 weeks ago
Wishing all our members and friends a very Happy New Year.

2020 has brought us many challenges, both as a club and as individuals. But we have pressed on, kept training and at least managed to enjoy a few face to face sessions during the latter part of the year.

Let's hope 2021 brings a some relief from this pandemic, and a chance to get back to some contact judo.

Take good care of yourselves, stay safe & well, and fingers crossed we'll you soon.
St. Albans Judo Club
St. Albans Judo Club4 weeks ago
We ended the year on a high, with some fun and games on all the kids classes... even if they were a lot calmer than in normal years
St. Albans Judo Club
St. Albans Judo Club4 weeks ago
2020 in Pictures.

A whistlestop tour through what must surely qualify as the oddest year in the club's 70 year history!
St. Albans Judo Club
St. Albans Judo Club
St. Albans Judo Club4 weeks ago
St Albans will now be moving to Tier 3 on Saturday, however ---

This DOES NOT affect our scheduled classes tonight and tomorrow which will go ahead as planned

We will then be closed until the 4th January, at which point it will probably all have changed again!
We will of course share all exciting updates as they are announced
St. Albans Judo Club
St. Albans Judo Club1 month ago
Christmas Dates

儭 Please note we will run our final classes of the year next week, closing after the junior class on Friday 18th December.

We will reopen, with the current class arrangements on Monday 4th January 2021.

Hopefully during January we will get some news on what the next steps will be, and may be able to plan for welcoming a few more back to the club.

Session Times


Unfortunately we have had to close again due to the current National Lockdown.

We will reopen with the same class structure we were operating from September to December last year as soon as we get the go ahead from the Government and Judo Governing Bodies.

When this resumes it will be under Phase 1 of the Return to Judo (England) guidance.

We are only able to run one session per night in this first phase, with all places pre-allocated to members.

All classes are 6:30pm – 7:30pm, with two nights allocated to the Primary age group, two to the Junior age group and one for Seniors (age 16+).

Unfortunately due to the restrictions we are operating at a very limited capacity, as such we will not be able accommodate Drop-ins, New Starters or Visitors during the early phases of reopening.

For further information or if you have any questions during this initial return phase please email

Pre-Covid Class Schedule: (Not currently running)

This schedule is here for example only – it will be fully reviewed and revised as we move back towards regular full contact sessions

Classes are suitable for beginners unless otherwise stated.

Monday Coach: Jad

7:30pm-8:30pm : Ages 10-13, Junior – Randori based training **

7:30pm-9:00pm : Ages 14+, Youth & Senior Randori based training **

** Not suitable for beginners. Please contact us to discuss if this class is suitable for your child

Tuesday Coaches: Tori (Juniors), Bob (Seniors)

6:30pm-7:30pm : Ages 5-15, Primary & Junior – Technical Development

7:30pm-8:30pm : Ages 10-17, Junior & Youth – Technical Development

8:30pm-10:30pm : Ages 16+, Senior – Technical Development (Kata instruction & practice available on request)

Wednesday Coaches: Kim, Jad, Zoli

6:00pm-7:00pm : Ages 5-7, Primary (Kinder) – Technical Development

7:00pm-8:00pm : Ages 8-12, Primary & Junior – Technical Development (Yellow belts and under)

8:00pm-9:15pm : Ages 10-17, Junior & Youth – Technical Development

Thursday         Coach: Matt

7:00pm-8:00pm : Ages 5-15, Primary & Junior – Technical Development

Friday Coaches: Zoli, Bob (Kata)

7:00pm-8:00pm : Ages 5-15, Primary & Junior – Technical Development

8:00pm-9:30pm : Ages 10+, Junior & Senior – Kata Instruction and Practice ***

*** Not suitable for beginners. Judoka under 10 with Coach’s prior agreement only.

How to join

If you are new to judo, your first session is free!!

Simply contact us for advice on which of our sessions is right for you to come along and try. For your 2nd session you must purchase a membership to one of our two governing bodies (for as little as 瞿10) and start paying session costs.

Our governing bodies are:
British Judo Council and British Judo Association.

Membership of either of these two bodies gives you a licence to practise Judo and provides you with personal accident insurance.

Governing body membership typeCostClub membership purchase also required?
BJC provisional 3 month *瞿10Optional
BJC U18 – Annual瞿28 (or 瞿18 if upgrading from a provisional) and 瞿24 to renewYes
BJA U18 – Annual瞿31 and 瞿28 to renewYes
BJC O18 – Annual瞿34 (or 瞿24 if upgrading from a provisional) and 瞿30 to renewYes
BJA O18 – Annual瞿42 and 瞿39 to renewYes

There are other pricing options available for certain groups, please ask at the desk for more details.

* – Does not allow you to participate in gradings or competitions, but you can upgrade to the full membership at any time

If you have already tried judo in the past

Depending on how long ago you tried judo, and how long you did it for, we may be able to treat you as if you are new to judo. Please email us or come in and ask at the desk.

If you still have a current BJA or BJC licence then simply bring it with you and pay the appropriate session cost. To access reduced session costs you can choose to join SAJC by paying the annual membership fee. Session costs are listed below.

If your judo licence has expired then you can pay to become a St Albans Judo Club member and then we’ll organise your licence renewal (or help you to obtain a new judo licence). The costs involved are shown above in the “governing body membership costs” (sorry you won’t be eligible for the provisional membership) and the SAJC membership cost is below in the club membership section.

If you are visiting from another club

Just bring your current BJA or BJC licence with you and pay the appropriate session cost. To access reduced session costs you can choose to join SAJC by paying the annual membership fee.

What to wear

For the first few classes you can wear tracksuit bottoms without zips/ buttons/ anything hard that could injure yourself or others when breakfalling. Girls should also wear a plain white T-shirt. These items may get pulled/ stretched so don’t wear anything you can’t afford to write off! Please use an elastic hair band to tie any long hair back (no metal hair clips are allowed).

We have spare judo jackets that you can use – just ask someone for help if you’re stuck. You’ll be expected to buy your own gi (judo outfit) if you decide to join. These are available at the club shop.


The club asks you to fill out a membership form on your first visit.

Club membership

The annual club membership of 瞿10 allows you to access lower session costs and gives access to club events.

Family Membership – The first member pays the full amount, and each additional member pays the full amount less 瞿3.00

The renewal of the club membership will be synchronised with the renewal your BJC / BJA a licence (if the renewal of your judo licence is managed by us).

Session cost

Non-club member every session
Member, every session


  • Those on the 3 month BJC provisional licence can access member session costs.
  • Session costs are cheaper, and advance pricing options are available for club members.

Club shop

The club shop carries a stock of judo clothing and accessories.

Contact Us



Please note – Due to the current national lockdown we do not have access to our phone number. Please email for information.

Call the dojo any weekday evening on 01727 869007. Please note that our phone number has recently changed to this number.


The dojo address is:
St Albans Judo Club,
Batchwood Golf and Sports Centre,
Batchwood Drive,
St Albans,
AL3 5XA.

The Dojo is within “Batchwood Golf and Sports Centre”. There is a large sign for this facility off the road “Batchwood Drive”.

Please be aware that the Dojo is on a section of one-way narrow country road, don’t go along this the wrong way. If you have a satnav then the following coordinates will lead you to the correct entrance to the one-way road N51.764848, W0.344282

Parking is on the right just before you reach the Sports Centre. Please observe the parking signs/ notices.