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St Albans Judo Club has been providing 70 years of service to judo & the community. The club is a thriving community of junior and senior members, parents, and volunteers who all come together to enjoy judo.

Expert tuition caters for all levels from beginner to black belt and beyond!


We are proud to have met the requirements to be awarded the Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts.

For more information on this scheme:

SAJC Hosts GB Olympian Nekoda Davis
Session video available

St. Albans Judo Club
St. Albans Judo Club2 days ago
πŸ₯‹Timings for the Club Championships on Sunday.πŸ…

Really looking forward to seeing everyone.
It's a great opportunity to show off skills and earn a snazzy medal.

No need to have ever competed before - this is a closed event just for club members, and we will guide beginners through the process so they get a taste of Judo competition in small, relaxed and friendly groups.

Please remember you *must* weigh-in at class this week if you want to take part, you can't just turn up on the day.
St. Albans Judo Club
St. Albans Judo Club3 days ago
πŸ₯‹ Congratulations to those who took part in the BJC Regional Grading today.

New grades:
Freya 3rd Kyu Ni (blue)
Kristian 3rd Kyu Ichi (blue)

Valiant efforts but no new grades this time to
Peter, Ben G and Brenden.
St. Albans Judo Club
St. Albans Judo Club6 days ago
πŸ₯‹ Hectic but enjoyable night at SAJC. πŸ‘

First up were our Mini Monkeys who got their brand new club T-shirts. How cute are they!😎

In the Dragons, Tigers & Wolves, and Cranes & U21s classes we did the postponed gradings from earlier in the month.
Well done to everyone, we look forward to seeing all your new grades on display next week πŸ˜ƒ

I even manage to take a couple of photos from the Tigers & Wolves session - it was a busy one!

Remaining students under 3rd Kyu who were signed up for the postponed event will be graded during the next few classes.

Those of 3rd Kyu upwards, make sure you have signed up with Bob if you are planning to attend the Regional Grading on Sunday.
St. Albans Judo Club
St. Albans Judo Club1 week ago
Results from the BJC Nationals:

Alex N - Gold πŸ₯‡
Henry H - Silver πŸ₯ˆ
Judah - Bronze πŸ₯‰
Kristian - Bronze πŸ₯‰
Elwyn - 5th (in a pool of 10, and having led all the way through his final fight sadly lost the bronze in the very last second)

Valiant efforts from Sam, Idriss & Ryan who were all in hard groups with opponents who were much more experienced than them.

πŸ‘ A great day's work from everyone - Really proud of you all! πŸ‘
St. Albans Judo Club
St. Albans Judo Club is at Arena Sport Kettering.2 weeks ago
Arena Sport Kettering
πŸ₯‹πŸ€ Good Luck πŸ€πŸ₯‹

Today we have Elwyn, Henry H, Alex N, Judah, Kristian, Sam, Idriss & Ryan competing at the BJC Open Nationals.
Best of luck to everyone πŸ‘
St. Albans Judo Club
St. Albans Judo Club2 weeks ago
A couple of slightly overdue collages from our October Half-Term training camp.

We had a great time, and every one worked really hard - Can you spot your kids having fun on the judo mat? #judotraining #britishjudo #britishjudocouncil

Session Times

We have now opened up our Fighting Fit sessions again on Monday evening

Monday Night – Fighting Fitness SessionsNow Open!

Tigers & lower grade Wolves at 6:30pm
(min grades: BJC Primary 1 Orange / BJA 3rd Mon)

Wolves & above (inc. Adults) at 7:45pm
(min grades: U18s – BJC 5th Kyu Ni / BJA 5th Mon / O18s 5th Kyu)

Session Links for COVID-19 Check-in WebApp

Monday – https://app.proactivereporting.com/covid19/form/zgke9C2J6DtWhG3P

Tuesday U16s – https://app.proactivereporting.com/covid19/form/ERukhaj2sxLb9CtD

Tuesday O16s & Adults – https://app.proactivereporting.com/covid19/form/3oO4968sZCxMTzbX

Wednesday – https://app.proactivereporting.com/covid19/form/fXHdpFTC9m8Kt2Ag

Thursday – https://app.proactivereporting.com/covid19/form/CNjTGRPUqBVJE8gw

Friday – https://app.proactivereporting.com/covid19/form/Y8G1Ji4vk7fhrXjV

Full Club (used for Courses, Gradings etc) – https://app.proactivereporting.com/covid19/form/EMDxCcX5oAyKwhrW

For further information please email info@stalbansjudo.org.uk

How to join

If you are new to judo, your first session is free!!

Simply contact us for advice on which of our sessions is right for you to come along and try. For your 2nd session, you need to sign up to one of our membership options:

For the Ginmedaru options, you can attend additional sessions at Β£4 per session.

You must also purchase a judo license from one of our two governing bodies.

Our governing bodies are:
British Judo Council and British Judo Association.

Membership of either of these two bodies gives you a licence to practise Judo and provides you with personal accident insurance.

Governing body membership typeCostClub membership purchase also required?
BJC provisional 3 month *Β£10Optional
BJC U18 – AnnualΒ£28 (or Β£18 if upgrading from a provisional) and Β£24 to renewYes
BJA U18 – AnnualΒ£31 and Β£28 to renewYes
BJC O18 – AnnualΒ£34 (or Β£24 if upgrading from a provisional) and Β£30 to renewYes
BJA O18 – AnnualΒ£42 and Β£39 to renewYes

There are other pricing options available for certain groups, please ask at the desk for more details.

* – Does not allow you to participate in gradings or competitions, but you can upgrade to the full membership at any time

If you are visiting from another club

Just bring your current BJA or BJC licence with you and pay a Β£5 session cost. To access reduced session costs you can choose to join SAJC.

What to wear

For the first few classes you can wear tracksuit bottoms without zips/ buttons/ anything hard that could injure yourself or others when breakfalling. Girls should also wear a plain white T-shirt. These items may get pulled/ stretched so don’t wear anything you can’t afford to write off! Please use an elastic hair band to tie any long hair back (no metal hair clips are allowed).

We have spare judo jackets that you can use – just ask someone for help if you’re stuck. You’ll be expected to buy your own gi (judo outfit) if you decide to join. These are available at the club shop.


The club asks you to fill out a membership form on your first visit.

Club shop

The club shop carries a stock of judo clothing and accessories.

Contact Us




01727 869007

Weekday evenings only. Please leave a message at other times.


The dojo address is:
St Albans Judo Club,
Batchwood Golf and Sports Centre,
Batchwood Drive,
St Albans,
AL3 5XA.

The Dojo is within “Batchwood Golf and Sports Centre”. There is a large sign for this facility off the road “Batchwood Drive”.

Please be aware that the Dojo is on a section of one-way narrow country road, don’t go along this the wrong way. If you have a satnav then the following coordinates will lead you to the correct entrance to the one-way road N51.764848, W0.344282

Parking is on the right just before you reach the Sports Centre. Please observe the parking signs/ notices.